Thursday, 3 November 2011

White Foundation

Right, the video was of dreadful quality such that editing was nigh-impossible.  I was supposed to receive the new webcam today (Logitech this time, model which promises full compatibility with my system) and... didn't, so in the mean time here is a step-by-step guide for applying the most troublesome, oft-abused makeup in the scene.  Like many other goths on a budget, I'm using Stargazer white pressed powder and liquid foundation - you may be using Manic Panic across the pond but I doubt they're much different.  Though cheap, this can be used well provided care is taken.

Put.  The trowel.  Down.

YOU WILL NEED: oil-absorbing papers/papier poudre, white powder, white liquid foundation, translucent powder, foundation/concealer brush, powder brush, concealer (if you're a spotty mess like me), time and patience.
OPTIONAL: primer, liquid foundation in your own skin shade or a shade or two lighter, makeup setting spray

  1. Wash your face.  Exfoliate if possible.  If you're using facewash then rinse well, if you use cleanser then remember to tone to get rid of all the last smears.  If you're using the Oil Cleansing Method (I'll get to that later - it's magic), remember to wipe your whole face multiple times with a hot face-cloth, rinsing each time.  In other words, don't leave anything behind.  DO IT PROPERLY.  Do final rinse with cold water to close your pores.
  2. Got oily skin?  Let it sit for a few minutes.  Have a cup of tea.  Washing often triggers a release of oil, so you want to mop that up before you apply the makeup.  This has helped me a lot.
  3. Moisturise according to skin type.  Again, give it a few minutes afterwards to absorb.
  4. Blot your face with some oil absorbing papers. You can get these from E.L.F., Superdrug, Boots etc.  If you don't have any to hand, grab a tissue or kitchen towel.
  5. If you have it, apply primer and conceal any blemishes.  If you have oily skin, a LIGHT dusting of translucent powder afterwards might help here.
  6. Now for the scary part!  Put a little blob of white foundation on the back of your hand or a small lid - anything to hold it so you don't have to keep tapping it out of that damned glass bottle.  Using your fingertips, apply small dots of it all over your face and then blend, starting from the centre - I use circular motions as if rubbing in moisturiser.  You're looking to create a nice even base to build from.  If you're looking to have a mask-like effect then that's fine, if you want a more 'natural' pallour (as far as 'completely white' is natural) then you'll want to blend out to your ears and down to your neck - anywhere that's exposed.
  7. That looks rubbish, doesn't it?!  Don't worry, it's just the base.  You want to leave this to dry.
  8. Grab your foundation brush, pick up a little more liquid foundation and start blending carefully over your face, starting from the centre and working outwards.  Blend out streaks and pay attention to any areas particularly prone to redness.  Use small amounts of foundation each time.
  9. Continue like this until you reach your desired level of whiteness, then set with a dusting of white powder and some setting spray (if you have it).
  10. For a 'pale but not dead' look, you can do step 8 with a mixture of white foundations and your natural tone - I keep some of this mixed up in a little pot for those occasions when 'sheet' may not be an acceptable look.
You're done!  Yes, that took a bit longer than your average foundation application, but if you rush it will look dreadful. If you are using a cheap brand then remember to check it every so often for signs of smudging and creasing, but this should have been minimised.

[UPDATE: Here's a video tutorial showing the most popular way to add paleness as in step 10.]


  1. Cute post, very helpful for people who fail miserably at this. I wish my skin had some colour. it doesn't. coloured foundation is too dark for me. i use BB cream and white powder. BB cream whitens the skin too. >< I also have pores like craters. My tip to closing pores is hot water while washing, splash with cold, and apply a witch hazel toner. Witch hazel closes your pores!

    Tell me more of this oil cleansing method. I command you. :|

  2. I was wondering about BB cream since it started appearing in the local chemist - what is it?

    Rest assured, I'm a devotee of the OCM and will go over it. :)

  3. Don't by chemist bb cream. u.u it's Garnier, and similar brands, so it's a) animal tested and b) shit.

    It's sort of like a tinted moisturiser, but with 2541624765242 benefits. a quick google should tell you! I use Missha, but if you're less into sun-protection (the ingredient that makes the spf also makes the white gals turn blue in photos....) and more into fucking awesomeness, get the Illamasqua one. a bit expensive but so, so worth it.

    However, Missha is eight kinds of waterproof.

  4. Hurrah! The proper way to do it :) Thankyou! I'm going to have to give this a go. I usually stay away from the white make-up because I can't do it right. I can do a good blended white+porcelain. I think I haven't been thoroughly de-greasing enough before applying, and not doing it in thin enough layers.

  5. Hey Housecat, I hope this is helpful. Other ways to minimise slippage is using a higher-quality white foundation and taking note of any areas where foundation tends to gather and being VERY sparing in these parts, i.e. the creases of the nostrils and chin.

    If liquid foundation in no way works, however hard you try, my next bit of advice is to go for one of the mineral powders such as those I recommend in my budget guide - much easier to touch up, can build nicely and absorbs oil without caking into your pores. :)

  6. What are some good/professional quality white foundations?? I haven’t been able to find any besides like Manic Panic and whatver and I don’t trust them