Thursday, 17 November 2011

As if the death of Ms. Lancaster wasn't enough

Tram thugs stamped on head of woman, 22, at Bury Metrolink stop 'because she was dressed as a Goth' | Prestwich Advertiser -

This is horrifying. Both people had some serious blows to the head, it's amazing they're alive and conscious.

Living up in Glasgow which has a fairly large goth population alongside the infamous 'ned' culture, the worst I've ever received was the indignity of being likened to a Linkin Park fan - attacks do happen but I don't feel particularly threatened 'as a goth' and regularly go out and about in full regalia without a single worry. That attacks like this are a serious concern for many still, particularly (it seems, I'm not certain) south of the border is just chilling.


  1. I've moved up to the Highlands of Scotland from the South East of England, and while I still get people yell "Goth!" or "Vampire!" at me, I get far less aggressive behaviour towards me. Down south I had rocks and bottles thrown at me, a gang of youths try and come after me, and very regular rude remarks. It is definitely better in Scotland! Ironically, before I left I was warned about being beaten up by neds! The only person here who has really scared me is someone who was clearly on illegal substances at the time (he'd taken his trousers off on the bus, for a start) and then called me "vampire" but with an earnestness that made me think he really believed I was an actual vampire and I was worried he was going to act out on that belief.

  2. Omg..... Even if I am not a goth, I enjoy looking and having them as friends. People judge other or go crazy because they are not the same like them, examples type and style. Their thinking need to be changed. Hope all goth friends stay safe and beautiful.
    P.s. I love your blog.