Sunday, 6 November 2011

What did I do for Hallowe'en?

On the 29th, I attended a flat party in celebration of my friend's birthday.  Due to its proximity to the 31st it naturally had a costumed and spooky theme, so I decided to go as one of my favourite crazy old ladies - Miss Havisham from Great Expectations.  For those who don't know of her, she was abandoned at the altar by her dishonest fiancée and vowed, from that moment, never to forgive or forget.  She raised her adopted daughter to break hearts and remained herself in a time warp, stopping the clocks at twenty-to nine (when she discovered her betrayal), leaving her wedding cake to decay on the table and wearing nothing but her wedding dress and single shoe (having been half-way ready for the wedding when told) for the rest of her days.  In the book, she is in her mid-fifties, pale and waxy from her seclusion within her manor.

I got the wedding dress from a friend, who bought it from a vintage shop and never used it.  Interestingly, it's exactly the same as one modelled by Lady Amaranth in this set; naturally I was very excited to have at least this small thing in common with my modelling idol!

Model: Lady Amaranth
Photography: Kestrel
Photograph from model's LJ here
Last night was Bedlam, our monthly Goth night here in Glasgow, and as always the one that lands closest to Hallowe'en is appropriately themed.  I decided at the last minute that, much as I loved it, dragging a long white train around a busy nightclub might not be entirely practical and I had (of course) lent out my facepaints to a friend and didn't have time to get them back, meaning most of my 'quick and easy' costume ideas were out.  Looking through my wardrobe, I grabbed out an old shirt and jeans, crimped, backcombed and sprayed my hair into next week and applied my makeup as if I were looking into a mirror covered in Vaseline.  I don't generally approve of going as 'a goth' for Hallowe'en, but I make exceptions for those dressing as particular goth icons, not least ones whom I greatly admire.  (I have previously dressed as Rose McDowall of Strawberry Switchblade.)  Going as Robert Smith to a goth night also has the benefit of having large amount of people actually 'get' what you're dressed as.

Obligatory bathroom-mirror picture.

 Robert Smith has no need for phone shots.

Only one Edward Scissorhands query all night.  For those interested, the way to remove this level of hair-messing is to gently detangle as much as your scalp can bear slowly, carefully and methodically, then dunk your head in a bucket of intense conditioner whilst begging your hair for forgiveness.

Hope everyone else had a good time!

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