Monday, 25 July 2011

Things I Would Like to Cover

A brief list of everything  I can think of that I think would be relevant to some of your interests:

  • Eyeliner
  • Foundation - powder, liquid - especially WHITE foundations
  • Lips
  • Piercing care
  • Bat-shaped cookies (because I get hungry).
  • How to survive your first visit to the goth club
  • Bands I'd recommend to cover at least SOME of the range Goth has to offer
  • More hair, including cutting one's own (something I have done for nearly 10 years without a single regret.)
  • Clothing and DIY (sewing basics, what fabrics are useful, possibly a couple of full garment tutorials along with accessories and customising)
  • What Goth is and isn't
By no means an exhaustive list.  Suggestions welcome.

I plan to get a better webcam next month.  Here's to a less blurry future.

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