Friday, 22 July 2011

The Intro

Hello, hello!  Welcome, blaaaa, suck your blood et cetera.  I'm here to chew ass, kick gum and write tutorials, but now both the donkey farm and Wrigleys has issued restraining orders I can really only do one thing.

I'm a 22 year old ladygoth from the murky, moist, muddy land of Scotland.  I have been attending goth, rock and other alternative clubs from the moment I turned 18, and I consider my demure, plain-dressed days of high school to have been a phase of which I'm glad to have grown out.  I now look and dress the way I've wanted to for at least a decade, and listen to everything from Aphex Twin and Bauhaus to Radiohead and Corpus Delicti.  I'm far from an expert of 'the gothic scene' and freely admit I don't know it all, but I doubt anyone can really say that.

So, if I don't know everything, what am I writing tutorials on?  Basically, everything that's bugged me.  The people who forget the golden rule of Don't Touch The Goth.  People who apply white foundation like a five-year-old with Snazaroo's trying out their first clown costume.  People who 'can't do eyeliner' but clearly have never tried.  People who say they want to experience the goth scene but then decide they only like the fashion and keep asking for Kings of Leon at the goth club whilst loudly complaining about how shit all this 80's whineycrap is.  YOUR FACE.
It won't all be negging though.  I have loads of people come up and ask me if I can teach them how I did a certain makeup style, or where I learned to sew, or what bands I'd recommend to someone who is just starting out.  Having been there not so long ago, I know how scary The Scene can seem for someone who's never really experienced it before, and it's not helpful to just write them off as posers and try-hards and the never give them a chance to have fun and develop.

The scene's not dead, kiddos.  Welcome in - but please, take note of what others have to say and don't make too much of a tit of yourself, okay?  We live in the world of the internet - you have even less of an excuse than the older ones did.  GET YERSEL' LERNT.

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