Friday, 22 July 2011

Backcombing for long fine hair

Goth's roots in 70's punk has given rise to some very distinctive styles; the archetypal gothic hairstyle is messy, ratty, teased, backcombed, wild and above all BIG, a la Siouxie or the infamous death hawk. I've long admired these great cloudy styles but have the problem of having very long, fine hair that won't hold a curl and back-combs extremely reluctantly, collapsing and straightening rapidly over time no matter how much spray and crimping I use. However, if one in my situation still wants a big spiky style, there is a way - you must first take the weight out of your hair. Here's one example of a style I use that happily stays up for as long as one would like.

YOU WILL NEED: a brush, a fine toothed comb, Kirby grips (bobby pins), bun pins, hairspray. OPTIONAL - spiral pins (shown in video).


1) Wash, brush and straighten (if hair is particularly curly or unruly) your mane.

2) Brush hair into a ponytail at the top-centre of your head. This doesn't have to be too neat. DO NOT TIE; hold in place.

3) Twist hair up tightly as if for clipping with a bulldog-grip or making a roll.

4) Using bun pins and spiral pins (if you have them), tightly pin twist to head, from base of twist to the top of your head at the back.

5) Loosen twist slightly. Holding the length of your hair along the centre of your scalp, use Kirby grips to tack it down along one side.

6) Pull out a few strands of the hair from the top and arrange all loose hair down one side of your head. It should hang between your ear and the corner of your eye.

7) Lift small sections of loose hair from the top and backcomb by sliding the comb up and down the length. Repeat with all loose hair. Hang backcombed sections to opposite side of head to keep them out the way.

8) Hairspray the lot, concentrating on the base of the strands (nearer the scalp) to support and hold the backcombing.

9) Push hair back to original side of head, arrange/tame. Enjoy.


  1. Wow!! What an awesome hair-look. If my natural hair would be a little bit longer, I'd try to copy the look. I'm afraid that It's not even possible to do right now. :( But luckily I can use hair extensions.

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