Friday, 12 August 2011

'Help, my brother is dating a goth!'

I found this one on Spookywebs daily.  My response could have been about a million times sarkier, but I went for the 'helpful with an irritated undertone' style instead.  I wasn't unnecessarily mean, was I?

Question by Poor: How do I stop my brother from dating a goth chick?
A goth chick? My brother is a freakin idiot, how do I stop this?

"As a long-time goth myself, I can cheerfully tell you that not only should you not police his partners based solely upon their fashion/music choices, but you can also be assured that, despite media hype, goths are often rather nice people who like baking, happy music and making friends – not ‘satanic rituals’, ‘drinking goats blood’ or ‘eating children’.
Instead of trying to stop your brother from dating people in your personal disapproval list, I would suggest that you examine WHY you are so offended by his choice in ladies – perhaps even read a few things about goths BY goths to find out if your prejudices are substanciated
[oops, clumsy typo-there!]. If you end up broadening your mind it will surely lead to a happier relationship between you, your brother, and his likely-rather-nice girlfriend, and will set you up for more lovely new friendships and good interpersonal relationships in the future."

I should also have added that the new girlfriend probably has a similarly poor view of this person's clothing, hence why she looks a bit different. 

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