Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Budget Cosmetics: Collection "Gothic Glam" range.

I was in Superdrug today picking up some more eyeliner pens and, as I grabbed a couple of my favourites at the Collection stand my eyes drifted upwards to land on an addition that has clearly been timed to coincide with the Hallowe'eny part of winter.  Just a few products, three nail polish shades and three lipsticks, but with everything being under £4 and me looking to add a little more variety to my usual makeup staples I grabbed a few, swatched the rest and headed home.

Yep, those are my go-to liner pens there.  I'll add a review of those later if you want - I know Ali didn't rate them highly for their longevity but surprisingly, considering my own seriously oily skin and difficulty finding liners that stay, I've found nothing better amongst the high-street brands.

At the time of typing this up I couldn't find any mention of this range on the Collection website and there was only one obvious google hit for reviews (Oh To Feel Pretty has swatched the nail polishes) so I had no idea how these would measure up agains tmy usual favourites.  Starting with the lipsticks:  here are the swatches I took in the shop.


 Top: Shade 2 "Scorned", Middle: Shade 3 "Revenge", Bottom: Shade 1 "Seduction".

Shade 2 got a little rubbed off before I got home but seemed to be a pretty close match for the Rimmel Kate lipstick in shade 04, hence why I didn't buy it.  I already have two bullets (yes, dark purple lips are a 'day' look for me), no need for another matching lipstick just yet.  I bought shade 3, the bullet for which is pictured above.  I have never been able to wear red lipsticks as they look clownish on me (a dark, cool red might work but I've yet to find a suitable affordable shade) and pink colours are also a bit off, but this one looks like it might strike a decent balance as a very slightly more plummy shade.  Packaging-wise, the bullet is nice and study and snaps together quite satisfyingly, no worries about the lid falling off in your bag.

Forgive my slightly gaunt face in the following shot, I'm awfully tired and it's beginning to show. You might also notice the reason for buying new eyeliner/brow pens, my old ones have ratty tipes now so the lines aren't very sharp.  Still good for my lids though!

One layer was definitely enough!  This went on very smoothly straight from the bullet, no greasy feeling or smeariness.  I left it on for about half an hour before I had to go out again and I had to remove it (wasn't feeling like being overly made-up for a lab), usually vigorous rubbing with a finger removes cheaper lipsticks but this took a few attempts to get everything off, which is a good start for a test of longevity.  I'll add a note to this post later when I've tried this out 'properly'.

Onto the nail polishes.  I got two shades, 1 Dramatic (the red one) and 3 Deadly (black/gold).  I'm wearing that second shade just now and I'm very impressed - usually cheap glittery nail polishes go on thin, feel like sandpaper and need thre or four layers to reach full opacity.  Two coats of Deadly and I was good to go; the drying time was about average, not too long, and it feels almost completely smooth when dry.  It looks exactly as it does in the bottle, surprisingly!  I have high hopes for the other one I bought and I may buy shade 2 at a later date, which looks similar to another favourite of mine, Barry M Vivid Purple.

As before, I'll add to this review when I've worn these a little more and can rate their staying power.
Overall I'm impressed with my purchases and will definitely have a look if more comes out for this range.  The lipsticks are £2.99 and the nail polishes £3.19 each.

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